Eight reasons to study in vocational or trade schools

After graduating from high school, students have three main options to continue their education: four-year careers or two-year careers in Universities or Community Colleges, and vocational or technical schools that specialize in providing them with short college programs — like certifications, diplomas, and associate’s degrees — through which a student can enter the labor market in only one to two years.

Besides, the training that these technical schools provide in specialized trade labs is theoretical and practical in electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, masonry, etc. The vocational or technical school option’s main advantage is that the programs allow students to graduate quickly, obtain employment, and continue their studies at convenient times.

Here are the top eight advantages of studying in a technical school like CBT Technology Institute:

1.- Start studying whenever is the most convenient time for you:

Unlike traditional universities, technical schools offer class start dates throughout the year. In the case of CBT Technology Institute, check our start dates here. In the School of Continuing Education and Professional Development, the calendar is even more flexible, with the short programs being mostly taught during weekends or online at very convenient times.

2.-There’s fewer students per class:

Generally speaking, the number of students per class is small since the training is conducted in specialized trade labs. Consequently, the lectures (either in person or online) are also directed to small groups.

Because technical school’s education is theoretical-practical in classrooms conditioned as specialized laboratories, the number of students per classroom is small. Each instructor can devote themselves to teaching each student efficiently.

3.- The subjects go straight to the point:

When you choose to study for a short career, you start learning your interest subjects from day one, and the classes are oriented to the field of your choice, so the education obtained is focused on the career you are studying.

4.- Classmates with experience:

Many of the students in trade schools work in the field (as apprentices or helpers), and in most cases, they came back to school to systematize their knowledge. This particular circumstance represents a great advantage for inexperienced students because they can learn from their instructors and their experienced classmates who attend classes with them.

5.- Alliances with companies and institutions:

Vocational schools are a fundamental input of the workforce of the cities and regions where they operate. In our case, CBT Technology Institute has established alliances with official agencies, businesses, corporations and potential employers of Miami-Dade County and the South Florida region. Our solid partnerships with the community help us place our graduates in internships, introductory jobs and even permanent employment once they have obtained their diploma or associate degree.

6.- Theoretical-practical training:

In technical schools, students get an education based on real-life experiences. That is why, together with the academic preparation at CBT Technology Institute, we strive for our students to obtain training in specialized laboratories assembled with the latest technology and the latest innovations in the market.

7.- Job placement:

One of the fundamental values ​​of a technical school is the job placement of students after graduation. Our Career Services department is responsible for supporting our students with the process of getting a job and developing their careers.

8.- Professions of high labor demand:

Unlike what one might think, the careers taught in technical and vocational schools constitute the gateway to the changing labor market that characterizes modern times. Technological advances have generated niches of professional development unthinkable in previous years, so, to keep ahead of employers’ demands, the updates provided by schools such as CBT Technology Institute will allow you to access jobs in expanding fields. Check out our basic construction and maintenance programs, QuickBooks, computer networks, medical coding and billing, and home automation, to name a few.

Before deciding about what to study after finishing high school, be sure to consider a technical career. Contact our admission specialists to obtain more information about your possibilities of entering CBT Technology Institute in our electricity, air conditioning, computer network, business, medical coding and billing, etc. Some of our diploma and associate degree programs have financial assistance available for those who qualify. We are currently allowed to teach most of our programs online. Do not let the opportunity pass. We’re here to serve you!

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