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Graphic design important in entertainment

Graphic designing seems to have a very important role in the culture that we all know and love so much. Many do NOT realize but graphic design exists in everything that we see: Billboards, logos, soda cans, restaurants, books, trademarks, EVERYTHING. Graphic design is really a creative process undertaken in order to convey a specific message (or messages) to a targeted audience. Interesting fact no?

Honestly, from personal experience, I didn’t know much about graphic design and it’s roles. To be honest, I thought that it was purely designing computers but no it’s roles are actually different than what I expected. Various tasks that require the role and talent about graphic designing varies. For example, the design on a sports jersey is actually given to the job of a graphic designer. If you looked at ‘lay outs’, the design is flatten in a 2-D dimension appearance rather than a 3-D demision showed in some cases of promotional purposes.  The design itself is a template if repeating the exact same image for printing in whatever physical or digital form.

Making it as complex may seem like a good thing but it could sore the eyes of a viewer. Or maybe something as simple  but it became boring to said viewer. Sounds familiar with all other ‘artistic’ forms no? Well it’s always a different situation in trying to create something that’s either simple and unique or complex and unique. In common, something that is ‘unique’ which is iconic in general.

But remember, given by the competition, it can go beyond a rivalry between two graphic designs, into a all out ‘war’ between two companies leaving a strong rival legacy. I am sure that when particularity relating to sponsored athletes, sometimes the logo you made has to make them look good or they have to make your logo look good. And yet, it can be very ironic when that athlete is wearing your logo in a certain situation and yet your employer’s ‘rival’ may trade places with said athlete under ‘acceptable’ occasions. Makes you wonder if your pride is involved which is a real brain teaser no?

The more that you learn, the higher the possibilities and expectations are poured upon you. Learning things from a good school is obviously the best way to approach even if you try to ‘self-teach’ yourself of the software and compare notes. It can be a fun job but then again, fun jobs are often only ‘fun’ when you know what to do and enjoy it as a passion part of your life. After all, wouldn’t it be amazing if your work became the next design for the next Olympics? Or any other special event?

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