Miami Refrigeration School
Miami Refrigeration School

Miami Refrigeration School, Refrigeration technology has advanced, and as refrigerators become more commonplace, it is evident that knowledge and skills of using refrigeration technology are now sought after in the market. Therefore, a good Miami refrigeration school will impart its students with marketable skills. One of the top-rated and premier refrigeration school in Miami is CBT College, and its details can be found on its official website at

According to, one of the categories of courses offered by CBT College is technology courses, with its School of Technology offering both A/C Refrigeration Technology and A/C Refrigeration Technician (HVAC) courses as diploma programs. There is also a degree program for A/C Refrigeration Technology. These courses are done in either Flagler Campus or Hialeah Campus, both of which are conveniently located in Florida. The diploma program is completed within 8 months, while the degree program requires 24 months for completion. The courses are offered in both English and Spanish, and this equips their students with the necessary technological skills as well as communication skills that will allow them to build successful careers in their respective fields. This is one of the factors that makes the college a premier Miami refrigeration school.

In this Miami refrigeration school, students studying for the 8-months technician certification program are taught theoretical aspects of the course in classes, and this knowledge is augmented by on-hand practical training, which allows the students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to work as entry-level technicians upon leaving college. Also, according to, the A/C Refrigeration Technician course covers all the essential areas including basic design, refrigeration maintenance, heating equipment repair, air conditioning repair, and installation of HVAC systems.

Likewise, the Miami refrigeration school of CBT College offers 8-months and 24-months certification programs for A/C Refrigeration Technology that are student-focused and geared towards allowing their students to enter the job market as technologists who can work in mid-level positions. High-quality classroom instructions are provided for both the diploma and degree programs, and they are geared towards building a firm foundation which will support the practical training. According to, these programs focus on installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment.

It is, therefore, evident that CBT College offers practical refrigeration-related courses which are not only student-focused but geared towards providing its students with useful and marketable skills that will allow them to succeed in their careers. For more information about this premier Miami refrigeration school, one can visit, or contact the school, through its official website,