Miami Gardens medical coding billing courses
Miami Gardens medical coding billing courses

Miami Gardens medical coding billing courses, CBT college is one of the most reputed colleges in Miami. It’s Miami Gardens Campus offers several programs, which will help students to start a new career. One of the most popular course is the Medical Billing and Coding course:

Overview of the course: The duration of the Miami Gardens Coding and Billing Course is 8 months. In this course, apart from going through different theoretical subjects, you will also receive practical training. The training will take place in a lab. You will get to learn about the different administrative functions, like coding and billing. CBT College has designed the course to equip you with all the necessary skills, required to get an entry level job. After the completion of the course, you will have many options. You can join the office of a physician, insurance company or you can choose to be self-employed.

The importance of this course: Since the population has been steadily increasing over the past few years, the Miami Gardens coding and billing course are in great demand.

There are different Medical and Billing courses by CBT Education like:

1. Anatomy: Here, you will be introduced to the basic structure of the human body and the different kinds of organs.

2. MS: You will learn the various applications of MS office 2013. You will learn how to edit paragraphs or documents, and how to calculate using Excel.

3. Medical Coding I and II: This is a very technical course. Through these two courses, you will be introduced to the different billing codes. You will also receive practical exposure.

4. Billing procedures: Here, you will be introduced to the different kinds of medical insurances. You will also learn, how to comply with the different guidelines and how to accurately calculate the reimbursement.

5. Exam Preparation: The Miami Gardens Medical Coding and billing course, will guide the students, regarding how to clear billing exams conducted by a regulatory body.

6. Legal Knowledge: It is also very essential to have knowledge about the different healthcare laws. In this course, students will learn about the different Healthcare laws and acts.

7. Medical Course: CBT college has introduced this course to teach the students about the different medical terms.

8. Student Success: This course has been designed to improve the learning process of the students.

9. Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking is required in every profession. In this course, through several assignments and decisions, students will learn, how to analyze different kinds of situations and how to take proper decisions.

Miami Gardens medical coding billing courses