Miami air conditioning technical schools
Miami air conditioning technical schools

Miami air conditioning technical schools, The need for heating and refrigeration in today’s society is very important. The work done to heat a household or to cool a refrigerator are two areas available to students for exclusive study. Students are provided with higher educational options through Miami air conditioning technical schools,

Education is usually combined allowing students to learn about the field of heating and refrigeration together. school do allow students to choose programs in one or the other. The field trains students to work with the technical and electronic sides of heating and refrigeration. As technicians students will have the knowledge to install, manage, and restore all systems that use heating and refrigeration systems. Heating technicians work on heat pumps that can heat and cool a home. Because systems like this are in use year round more maintenance is required. Refrigeration technician’s work on refrigerating systems by constantly fixing and updating their equipment by ensuring that everything is in working order. When deciding on an educational path to take students have two main routes possible. Students can work through a combined program that usually prepares them to be heating, venting, air-conditioning and refrigeration technicians, which are referred to as HVAC technicians. Students can also enter programs that specifically focus on refrigeration.

A Miami air conditioning technical schools, program rounds out a students understanding on how to repair and troubleshoot the systems commonly used inside the field. The mechanics of pneumatics, refrigeration, and HVAC systems are studied inside a program. Courses that combine training and teach students how to work with all systems may include:

Air Distribution

HVAC and Refrigeration Electronics
Thermal Controls

Inside a vocational school students can choose to complete a certificate or associate’s degree program. Upon entering the career field students can expect to work with building planners on designing or troubleshooting the used HVAC systems. Both higher education programs give students the complete foundation to maintain and repair the industry’s systems.

Students that want to specialize in just one area usually complete a program in refrigeration. Heating is almost always coupled with HVAC programs. Certificate programs are offered at school allowing students to study the entire maintenance process of refrigeration. Courses that are included in programs could include:

Electrical Wiring

Air-Conditioning Systems

Handling Refrigerants

Education focuses on all of the components inside refrigeration units. Technicians work on motors, compressors, and more to make operation meet regulation standards and to ensure that everyday use is safe. Coursework also covers how to use, install, and dispose of refrigerants correctly. Two separate certifications must be earned to work as a refrigeration technician. Students need to complete the Environmental Protection Agency exam and the HVAC certification exam. The HVAC requirement is why most students decide to go with a combined educational program. Both higher education options train students for professional work.