Medical Coding Billing Degree
Medical Coding Billing Degree

Medical Coding Billing Degree, The medical coding & billing degree offered at CBT, Miami Gardens Campus is an eight-month program that focuses on refining your practical skills as you kick off you career. Enrolling for a Miami Gardens medical coding degree means a lot of hands on experience in administrative tasks such as medical billing and coding. All the classes will take place at a classroom complimented in a laboratory setting.

During the eight-month period, you will learn how to review documentation prepared by a physician or health care specialist and decode the information provided into standardized numerical codes. This will be properly taught and by the end of the program you will have gained the technical aspect of billing and coding.

You will grasp a good understanding of coding systems and will be able to sequence procedural and diagnostic codes using a globally recognized coding system. Once you get a Miami Gardens medical coding degree you are well prepared to take a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam or a Certified Coding Associate (CCA) conducted by AAPC and AHIMA respectively. Both certifications will put you at per with other professionals in the job market. Make sure you get all these accreditations once you complete a Miami Gardens medical coding degree to gain a competitive edge.

The Miami Gardens medical coding degree will prepare graduates to evaluate and analyze and apply coding systems to health data for several purposes which are (but not limited to) billing of external payers (insurance companies, government bodies) for compensation of health services offered, provide statistical classification for researchers, analyze expenditure trends for administrators and many more.

In general, once you graduate with a Miami Gardens medical coding degree, you will have gained professional expertise and technical skills that will assist in; assigning medical codes to from standardized medical code sets to diagnoses and procedures found in health records and billing of third party payers to services offered.

Medical coders and billers can expect abundant employment opportunities since the need for medical practitioners is expected to rise by 22 percent over the next few years. Increase in population will create a need for medical attention which will inevitably create opportunities for professionals in the medical field. They are employed in a number of jobs in health practitioner’s offices, billing services, insurance companies, in outpatient facilities or self-employment.

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Medical Coding Billing Degree