Hialeah AC refrigeration technician school
Hialeah AC refrigeration technician school

Hialeah AC refrigeration technician school, With a growing shortage of qualified electrical workers, it has never been a better time to join the electrical industry. Experienced electricians have good job prospects, and can become supervisors, superintendents and project managers in the construction field. However, to become successful and to enhance the job outlook, one must obtain good training and experience from a reputable electrician training school. The higher your educational value, the better your chances for employment and salary. CBT College is a reputable Hialeah A/C refrigeration technician school that provides quality training and valuable practical experience to students. ‘Learn More, Live Better’ is the motto of our technician training school, and we strive hard to provide a top quality education.

Features of Hialeah A/C refrigeration technician school:

CBT Hialeah A/C refrigeration technician school offers technical diploma courses for aspiring candidates. This eight-month, 24-credit program involves both classroom experience as well as practical training. The classes are based on providing knowledge on sketches and specifications of electrical devices, diagnosing faults in electrical and electronic components, installing conduits and other electrical enclosures and testing electrical devices for proper functioning. The curriculum also provides hands-on training in the field. We are located at five places in Miami.

Why choose CBT college?
A successful electrician needs proper training, good hand eye co-ordination, sound knowledge of related subject and a solid work ethic. And at CBT college Hialeah AC refrigeration technician school, you will focus on learning on-field experience such as laying out, assembling, repairing, maintaining, testing electrical systems and installing all electrical devices. Our courses align with the latest version of National Electrical Code. We also provide career support services during and after the completion of your courses. Our goal is to provide high quality career training and educational enhancement through our accredited courses. We provide a wide range of training options to fit your life, your budget and your goals for the future.

There is no doubt that the modern society depends upon electricity. From installation of heating and cooling system or repair of refrigerator or water heater, one needs an experienced professional to handle the task. Electricians work in a wide variety of facilities, including both commercial as well as residential. They can specialize in their fields and become rig electrician, field service technician, road electrician and electrician control technicians. CBT college as an accredited and reputable Hialeah A/C refrigeration technician school, provides you the best possible education to enhance your career and prepare for potential promotion.