Cutler Bay Medical Billing Courses
Cutler Bay Medical Billing Courses

Cutler Bay Medical Billing Courses, If you want to work in the healthcare industry the medical coding and billing diploma program offered on CBT college campuses in Florida will put you one step closer to your dream. When you enroll in this program you will have a chance to choose from a variety of cutler bay medical billing courses. In addition to the curriculum work, you will receive hands-on experience that will help you to land employment at the entry level. The following is an overview of the cutler bay medical billing courses, grouped semester wise needed to complete.

3 Semester Credit Hours Cutler Medical Bay Billing Courses

BSC: Anatomy and Physiology

This is one of the courses that students go through when they enroll for this program on CBT College. Students get the knowledge about the structure as well as the function of the human organ systems. It is one of the integral parts of the medical field that every medical student should go through. This course provides students with a complete overview of the human body structures and their normal functioning.

CGS1060: Microsoft Technology Applications

This course which is offered among the cutler medical bay billing courses is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft office 2013. It features MS word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and MS Outlook.

HIM1222 Medical coding I

This course helps students to understand how to use and apply official guidelines for diagnostic codes from ICD-10.Cm and the ICD-9-Cm for reporting and coding purposes. This is the only course among the cutler medical bay billing courses that focuses on conventions, history, guidelines, format and appropriate assignments of codes within this category.

HS1531 Medical Terminology

This is the only course that introduces students to the medical elements and their respective applications to medical specialties and body systems.

HIM1232 Medical Coding II
This course help students to understand nomenclature and classification systems, which is known as current procedure technology (CPT) as well as the healthcare common procedure coding system (HCPCS).

HIM1273 Medical Insurance and Billing Procedure

Among the cutler medical bay billing courses, this is the course that introduces students to the major types of payers, medical insurance, regulators and medical billing cycle.

1.5 Semester Credit Hours Culter Bay Medical Billing Courses

HIM19860 Certification Exam Review

This course provides students with the emphasis and test-taking skills to help them pass a medical coding and billing certification from any recognized certification organization.

HIM2012 Legal Aspects of Health Care Records

This course provides students with the fundamental laws that govern the delivery of healthcare, management, and protection of the healthcare information.

SLS1105 Student Success Skills

This is a course that is tailored to help students succeed in college education by helping them gain skills and other necessary details to be a successful college student.

SLS1509 Critical Thinking Skills

This is the last course that a student will go through in cutler medical bay billing courses that give students deep insights on thinking critically as well as guiding them in thinking more clearly, effectively and insightfully.