Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes
Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes

Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes, Medical coding, and billing is a field that is experiencing tremendous growth, and its growth can be attributed to the development and adoption of the latest technology in healthcare. If you want to be part of this exceptional growth, you need first to enroll in a medical coding and billing (MCB) program. But when planning to do this program, you need to choose an institution that will offer you the right training.

We recommend that you choose College of Business and Technology (CBT College), found online at, in order to get the knowledge and skills needed in this field. This institution has some campuses, including the Cutler Bay which allows you to enroll in a CBT diploma program. But why choose CBT College?

Learn a Variety of Curriculum
When attending Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes, you will be taught some topics, including medical coding, medical insurance & billing procedures, legal aspects of medical records and Microsoft technology applications. You will also learn general topics of healthcare, such as anatomy & physiology and medical terminology. Also, you will be taught important topics such as student success skills, critical thinking skills, and MCB professional certification.

Receive Hands-On Experience
CBT College understands that experience is important when seeking employment, and this is the reason why it offers hands-on practical experience to its students. The Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes include practical sessions that will allow you use medical coding systems and know how to bill third party payers, perform statistical classification and analyze utilization patterns.

Get Certified as a Medical Coder and Biller
CBT College is an accredited institution and offers courses that are approved by relevant organizations such as ACICS, CIE, OSFA, SCNS, NCCT, NHA and CAHIIM. When you successfully complete Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes and pass exams, you will be eligible for these certifications- CBCS, CPC, and CCA. You will also be able to associate yourself with the college’s many affiliates, like FAPSC, South Florida Workforce, SEVIS and chambers of commerce of Doral, Broward County, Hialeah and Coral Gables.

Find Job in Several Places
Graduates of the CBT’s medical billing and coding diploma program find employment in a myriad of places, including physician’s offices, billing service companies, outpatient facilities, government institutions and insurance companies. Graduates can also get in self-employment and still lead a successful MCB career. But it all starts with attending the Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes!

If you have a passion for this field, you can enroll for the diploma program and start attending the Cutler Bay medical billing coding classes. You will study for only eight months, but by the end of this period, you will have learned a lot of useful things. Want to learn more about the college? Well, just visit