Although Miami is full of life with plenty of fun things to do, some college students can still get “homesick,” especially during their first year away from their home, family, and the community they are accustomed to.  Don’t be alarmed, this feeling is a normal part of many students’ development into adulthood.

Although you may be tempted to move back home, we strongly encourage you to stick it out – it will make you stronger and it will certainly teach you to become more independent. Plus, you probably will not get many more opportunities in your life to study internationally. The CBT College family offers a strong support system –there’s always someone you can talk to and there’s always something to do. Still, we understand that we can all experience a period of displacement from time to time, so below are some tips to help you avoid those feelings.

No. 1: Before you make your journey to a new school, create a bucket list of all the things you hope to gain out of your college experience abroad and list all the things you want to do or accomplish while you are in the new bright city of Miami! Do your research, study the region, perhaps there’s a museum or festival that you really want to go to. Refer back to the list from time to time and actually checking things off will help avoid that feeling that something is missing. Instead, you will be feeling a sense of accomplishment… Remember, it’s already an accomplishment getting here. It’s a big step and you should be proud of all the hard work you have put into it so far. Other things you can do once you are here include:

  • Spark up conversations with classmates and try developing a friendship with them. You never know what lifelong friends you can make. You can always acquire new study buddies and if you’re shy, that’s normal when meeting new people, but with practice you will be more relaxed. What do you have to lose by trying?  Also note, that lasting friendships develop gradually and there’s no pressure to make a best friend or to rush into any relationships.
  • Make plans to go to lunch or dinner with classmates or go to movies with them.
  • Join clubs, do volunteer work or participate in campus activities, where you will meet other international students.
  • Learn to appreciate your time alone, a great activity you can do on your own is exercising. Being alone gives you time to discover new things about yourself and become a stronger more independent person. CBT College campuses are close to many gyms that you can join and you can always make new friends there too! You can also go bike riding, take a Pilates class, go jogging, take up arts & crafts, go to the park, and go swimming. Of course, you can always go to the beach and soak up some rays in the sun too.
  • Volunteer work – it is always self-gratifying to help others that are in need.
  • Recharge with a call home and reconnect with your family and friends.
  • Skype with your friends (it’s free!)
  • Go to the mall
  • Talk to people who are from other countries and are going through similar experiences as yours.
  • Write in your personal journal
  • Take time to learn about the new culture you’re in
  • Learn to celebrate new Holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Bring something from home that reminds you of home
  • Go to the coffee shop (There’s always a Starbuck’s nearby)
  • Create a blog, and do social networking on Facebook, Twitter, etc..
  • Download new music and make an eclectic playlist
  • Join CBT College Graphic Design Bootcamps or volunteer for them
  • Become an CBT College International Student Ambassador
  • Start baking and share with your classmates and teachers at school

Finally,………. it is okay to go home occasionally to get emotionally recharged but you should always finish what you started, especially if it’s getting your education!