CBT College, a nationally accredited academic and career training institution based in Miami, Florida operating five campuses in the greater Miami-Dade area, today announced that it is now offering new “summer” seminars and workshops in Business, Art & Design, Medical Certification Exam preparation, GED Exam preparation among others.

In order to provide individuals with guidance in choosing their career-path, CBT College developed affordable non-credit “intro” classes that give students an insight into the degrees available at CBT College while providing a sneak peek into the potential careers that are today in high demand. Now it is also providing Examination Preparation classes for those that need the tools and techniques to excel State Certification Exams. And although the summertime is an ideal opportunity to take these kinds of workshops (during the summer break), they are offered all-year-round at the college.


“Not everyone knows what career-path they want to take, so instead of making a student enroll in a two or four-year program that he or she later decide they do not like, we are providing dynamic seminars and workshops that not only educate but lead individuals into a successful career-path at an affordable price,” says Luis Llerena, Executive Director of CBT College. “Additionally, we know that some people are highly intelligent but may not be best test-takers, so we went ahead and incorporated the development of seminars and workshops that provide the tools and techniques to pass some state certified exams.”


The following are the seminars and workshops that are open to the public (based on available class capacity):


  • General Education Development (GED) Exam Preparation


Technical  Exam Preparations:

  • Electrician Journeyman Exam Preparation Course
  • AC Journeyman Exam Preparation Course


Business Exam Preparations:


  • Bookkeeping Certification Exam Preparation
  • QuickBooks Certification Exam Preparation


Art & Design Workshops:

  • Flash Boot Camp
  • Illustrator Boot Camp
  • DreamWeaver Boot Camp
  • InDesign Boot Camp
  • AfterEffects Boot Camp
  • Maya Boot Camp
  • Corel Painter Boot Camp


Workshops and seminars may vary by schedule and campus. To register or to find out more information on the programs visit: www.cbt.edu/seminars.


For information about CBT College, call 786-693-8896, or visit their website at www.cbt.edu. CBT College also offers additional scholarships and grants, as well as Financial Aid for students that qualify.